Pet Wellness – Big Pharma Loses Vet Medicine

It’s now confirmed. It’s confirmed that the US has taken over veterinary medicine from other first world countries. Big Pharma is finally at the finish line. Do pet owners and Pets Petz have to be happy with this takeover? It’s not something I would recommend. According to many vets, it is not something you should be celebrating. What does this all mean for pet wellness?

These drug companies have spent decades putting in a lot of effort and time to revise vet school curricula. This has led to pet owners being brainwashed and influenced by veterinarians to believe that their pets require drugs to survive and thrive. Most people believe in pharmaceutical medicine because of the advertising that was funded by uncaring drug companies. Big Pharma was able to convince pet owners that their pets need the same.

Veterinarians in the USA are now able to use chemical-based medicine on their pets. The pet’s owner receives a prescription for a patented drug – an instant remedy – immediately after diagnosis. The FDA approved Prozac, which is a mind-altering drug that can be prescribed for dogs. Many common drugs for humans are also being used on pets. This includes chemotherapy drugs used to treat cancer. These medications are used to treat common ailments like arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, and depression in pets.

Pet wellness is in decline. Pet owners need to be more vigilant about their pet’s health and seek out better options to treat their pet’s disease. Anyone who has been a vet for over ten years will tell ya that animals and dogs are getting sicker as a result of Big Pharma’s takeover. This vets have witnessed an increase in liver disease, nervous system disorders and cancers. Bad pet food and medications are regularly poisoning pets. Even common flea and tick medications are toxic to pets’ livers.

Big Pharma has made veterinary medicine a joke alongside the traditional medicine system for humans. The goal of medicine is no longer to heal anyone. Now, the goal is to make money by managing diseases instead of curing them. This is why they would do it. These are the connections. To reap the rewards of repeat business, and to make it a profitable one. I won’t even mention the outrageous rates that veterinarians charge these days, especially in emergency care. These fees are ridiculous! The cruelty of pet clinics that charge $500 to rescue pets, and the naivety of those who take advantage of people’s kindness. For saline solutions! These pet clinics profit from human kindness. Do you think that many people will think twice about rescuing a helpless or wounded animal?

What can pet owners do if their pet requires medical attention? There is an alternative route to pet wellness, with holistic veterinarians. They are more common in veterinary medicine that in human medicine.

The pet wellness route, which is pet natural health care, is the best option.

1. Holistic veterinarians are experts in nutrition, herbs, homeopathy, and other natural modalities.

2. Holistic veterinarians can prescribe solutions for animals and treat them in ways that are not allowed in human medicine. Because these solutions have a silver-lining, they actually work!

3. Holistic vets are often in business because they love animals and believe in natural remedies for their ailments. They are human, not donkeys who exploit sick animals to make a profit.

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